Koi Fish Tattoo VS Ordinary Tattoo: Get Every Other Tattoo Removed.

women koi fish tattoo in the back design

Tattoo, one word that we all have heard quite often. But, what is a tattoo design?

Tattoo design means to get a figure or picture or any other design inked in your skin permanently. Tattoo design differs from person to person. Some do it as an element of fashion, for some, it is an inspiration to keep going, and some have a backstory and a deep meaning to the tattoo they make.

A tattoo seems to be just a figure that is inked into you, but in reality, tattoo designing requires talent and concentration. Today, we will study a certain kind of tattoo, known as the ‘Koi Fish Tattoo’. Then discover how it is different from any other ordinary tattoo and how to go for Tattoo Removal.

What is a Koi Fish Tattoo?

To be brief, Koi Fish tattoo is a fish tattoo and is very popular among the present generation. But, this tattoo is just not a decorative piece of art rather it, stands deeper than what it looks.

Koi Fish Tattoo symbolizes good luck and perseverance. It is a popular belief that a koi fish tattoo brings good luck to you and develops the tenacity to face challenges that come your way. Another meaning attached to it is that it defines masculinity, prosperity, and makes you stronger to face the odds.

The different colors of the tattoo have their meaning. For Example, the blue color shows masculinity, black is for strength in unfavorable circumstances and fatherhood, purple is for perseverance, white is to get career stability and accomplishment, yellow stands for joy and happiness with all positive vibes, red brings versatility and bravery, orange is optimism, the green fish is cool in looks that bring prosperity and luck with itself, and pink attracts feminist energies to you.

Depending on the culture- Chinese and Japanese, Koi Fish Tattoo has other meanings to it as well. Firstly, Chinese culture has a strong history of Koi Fish as it originated over there. Both cultures say that koi fish gives you the strength and luck to accomplish your goal and provides strength at hard times. But Chinese culture makes animated and cartoon koi fish with a Chinese symbol attached to them. They represent it as balance or what they derive from yin yang. Second is the Japanese culture traditionally called Koi Fish Tattoo, Tebori. Their meaning from the Koi Fish Tattoo is that it provides perseverance against the struggles of life.

A Koi Fish tattoo is a metaphor for good luck, and the Koi fish tattoo reflects consistency, strength, and power. The upstream koi fish represents a story that implies perseverance, and the downstream koi fish implies freedom and independence.

How is it different from Ordinary Tattoos?

Koi Fish Tattoo has a pre-assigned meaning with its every shape, color, and culture. Whereas, the other ordinary tattoos depend on individual choice, emotion, story, or memory that he/she wishes to get inked permanently.

Sometimes, people regret making some tattoos and thereby, wish to remove them. Even if your tattoo is permanent, still it can be removed with the help of medical treatment.

How to Remove a Tattoo?

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are an ideal option to remove your tattoo. As tattoos inject thousands of ink particles into your system and no other method can remove these particles better than laser. 

The laser technique uses highly concentrated light waves that penetrate the ink particles break them into much smaller fragments which are then removed by the body’s immune system.

If you are thinking that just one sitting of laser treatment would remove your entire tattoo thoroughly, then my friend you are highly mistaken. Depending on the size and intensity of your tattoo, you need to give around 1-10 laser sessions to remove it from its roots.

Yes, this method is painful as it feels as if a heavy rubber band is being rubbed against your skin with great force.

tattoo removal procedures

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

It is a surgical method to remove a tattoo, where the outermost layer of your skin is removed using surgical tools. Unlike laser, it is more painful and would create a wound that will require proper care. It takes around 14-15 days for it to heal completely.

Chemical Peel Tattoo Removal

In this method, the tattoo is removed by peeling off the outermost skin by using Trichloroacetic acid. It will also result in a wound that needs care and would heal in 6-7 days.

Removal of Tattoo

Tattoos can be removed by laser treatment. To be specific if you have a dark-colored tattoo and you want to fade it out completely then it is recommended to go for Picosure Laser Treatment. It is the latest method to remove the tattoo completely without harming the tissues in the surrounding area.

Decide your Tattoo wisely!!

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